About Fourth Grade

  • You will deepen your reading skills as you “closely read” fiction and non fiction texts.
  • You will discuss your complex ideas and thinking throughout Socratic seminars and writing to respond to text.
  • You will deepen your skills as an author as you craft narratives and informational texts focusing on the craft of writing. This craft will allow you to be more descriptive as you share your experiences and information.
  • You will learn how citizens participate in a democracy and what has impacted the history of our state.
  • You will perfect your computation skills with addition and subtraction as well as diving into multiplication and division.
  • You will develop stronger number sense and expand your understanding of fractions. You will explore collisions, energy conversions, your own human brain and the environment.
  • You will do all of this while collaborating with your classmates, utilizing technology to support you along the way. You will develop skills to become a creative innovator who will show what you learn in exciting new ways.
  • You will take ownership in your learning as you move throughout an amazing year. Two different classroom teachers will engage you in either literacy or math and science lessons that push you to achieve even higher than you realized you could.
  • You will have fun, work hard and grow in so many ways.

Fourth Grade Staff

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